Week 1 - Foundation: we will delve into a methodology for acting a song. Technique to get the song from the page to the stage, and from voice lessons to audience ready.

Week 2 - The Energetics of Acting: we will discuss what makes theater and what your responsibility to that is as an actor. 

Week 3 - Transmitting Beyond: We will look at how its possible to be "bigger and better" than we imagine ourselves to be, releasing self limiting beliefs to generate more power as a singing actor.

Week 4 - Practice Makes Perfect: we will discuss your questions in applying these three weeks of fundamentals to being a bigger, better and more powerful singing actor. 

Course Curriculum

About David

David has worked in showbiz in NYC for nearly two decades, as an actor, teacher, producer and director. His mission is to create a new way to look at our approach as actors and transform minds and technique through his work. 

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Metaphysics of Musical Theater with David Conrad Brouillard

How to make a bigger impact on your audience by making your work more human and working on something bigger than yourself.