• Students taking the online courses will be able to apply the credit they pay for these classes towards GO Broadway New York, London and Disney Programs.
  • We hire top talent from Broadway, West End, Madrid, Mexico & Argentina to teach our courses.
  • Teachers will offer structured, guided approach to learning using supporting materials such as tracks, sheet music, videos, case studies, templates and more!


  • Master the building blocks of basic theater, performance and storytelling techniques
  • Practice improvisational skills while discovering how to maintain professionalism on stage
  • Learn basic audition techniques
  • Receive a valuable critique and learn the importance of the individual's contribution to the overall success of the group
  • Discover what training and preparation are required for various roles and career paths.


Do I need previous experience?

We work with artists of all levels meeting each student where they are at and helping them become the best version of themselves.

Do you offer refunds?

All purchases are final sale.

Can I book private lessons with the teachers?

Yes, private lessons can be booked here.

How old do I have to be to participate in a GO Broadway class?

Students must be 13+ years old to participate in our courses.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, we do. However, our 2020 scholarships have been already awarded this year.

Broadway Classroom is the leader in providing educational experiences for student groups visiting Broadway.